Escea+Stylemaster – The hottest Fireplace Offer you’ll see this Winter!

Escea fireplaces are synonymous with Style.  So it makes perfect sense that until the end of August we are offering all our new Stylemaster clients the hottest fireplace offer you’ll see this Winter.  Read on to learn about the fabulous Escea range and how easily you can be enjoying big savings and cosy nights relaxing by your new fire!

Fireplace brand Escea makes gas fireplaces that are minimalist in form and fabulous in action. With just as much focus on technology as good looks, Escea fires put out a lot of heat with high efficiency. This is rare with gas fireplaces, as often you have to choose between style and function.

They have one for every home – from the powerful multiroom DX Series that provides a centrepiece for your living area, while ducting heat to other rooms, to the DF Series that will make your living room feel intimate and cosy. Their fires go outside too – they makes a gas and a wood outdoor fireplace, so friends and family can talk and while away the hours staring at flames.

We thought you might like to get to know these fireplaces a little better…so with a little help from Escea’s Lead Designer Alex Hodge, here’s an overview of the Escea range, starting with their exciting latest release – the DS1400.


Big impact, small footprint

We mentioned Escea does minimalism well and their latest fireplace, the super-sleek DS1400 gas fireplace, is the best example yet of this. This fire is “truly frameless” which as Escea puts it, means that the “wall meets glass.”

The DS1400 has a large glass viewing area to focus on the large, natural looking flames that really are the star of this show. We especially love the Woodland Selection fuel bed for its true campfire feel.

Double-sided, these fires make a fabulous room divider (especially for open plan spaces). They are also able to go pretty much anywhere in your home, so designer Alex tells me.

“The DS1400’s low height, teamed with Escea’s Flexible Flue and Powered Vent technology makes for incredibly flexible installation and versatility,” says Alex.

For those looking for a single sided option, there’s that choice too.



Heat more than one space with the DX Series

When thinking multiroom heating solutions for the home a gas fire is not usually the first appliance to come to mind. But Escea’s DX Series gives you plenty of reasons to change your thinking. It’s central heating with style.

The DX Series combines ultra-wide sophistication with powerful heat, efficiency and Escea’s exclusive heat control system.

“Essentially this means it is able to capture up to 90% of the available heat and return it back to every corner of the room via Escea’s Multiroom Technology,” explains Alex, who also points out that this is an environmentally conscious home heating choice.

The DX Series is also available in both single and double sided versions.



The DF Series – Big Flame, Small Frame

Another recent release, the DF Series combines “flame, flexibility and function.”

The smaller fire in the series, the DF700 has been designed with dimensions to suit those looking to install their fireplace into existing chimneys. But this retrofit fireplace has one important difference – Escea’s Direct Vent Powered Flue.



Alex explains. “This technology allows the flue to run horizontally and vertically, making even the most complex flue run possible and giving customers the design flexibility.”

The beauty of these fires is that although they are petite enough to conveniently pop into most existing cavities, their sleek frame also makes them perfect for new-build homes. Basically they just slip into any interior aesthetic with ease, while adding beauty, ambience and warmth to your space.

Also in the DF Series – the larger DF960 gas fireplace is not just gorgeous to look at; it has impressive high heat output and 5 star efficiency.

Like all Escea fires, the DF Series comes with a variety of fascia and fuel bed options and Escea’s Smart Heat app, allowing customers to turn their fireplace on remotely.




Grunty & Generous DL Series

Alex says that if the DL Series was a person, it would be the strong and silent type. Radiating powerful heat and 5 star efficiency, the DL Series warms even the largest of rooms so suits those of you with a generous living area.

There are two models in the range – the DL850 and the DL1100. You can also choose from nine different fuelbeds, like the jewel-like crystalight or the comforting wood. This is another great feature of Escea fires, they have a myriad of fuelbed and frame choices to allow you to customise your dream fire.

In fact they’ve just upgraded their fancy Design Your Fire web tool to allow you to do that. Head to and have a play.



Indoor Comforts, Outside.

Finally we would like to introduce you to Escea’s outdoor fire range. Here Escea has even included a wood cooking model, for those who want to a multi-purpose heater for their outdoor living space.

The EW5000 wood cooking fire comes with a large cooking plate to satisfy the al-fresco loving foodies out there. While also providing a source of warmth and ambience, perfect for those who love to entertain.



Of course there’s also a gas option, the outdoor open-fronted EF5000, which is a great match for busy people who want to unwind at the end of the day, wine glass in hand of course.

You can choose the fuel bed to be a statement with the NZ River Rock or the more traditional mellow glowing coal embers.EF5000-web


You may not have considered adding a stunning new fireplace to your new home, but it could turn out to be one of your favourite investments.  Until the end of August for only $7990 supplied and installed, you can choose to include the following limited offer that normally retails at $10,520 (supplied and installed), saving you $2,530:

  • Escea DF 960 NG/LPG Inbuilt Gas Fireplace
  • Escea DF 960 Ceramic Logs Fuel Bed
  • Escea DF 960 Volcanic Black Slim Fascia
  • Timber frame buildout with plasterboard
  • Gas point
  • Installation
  • Single power point with external Isolating switch
  • Data point for Smart Heat (enables smartphone remote control)


For more information please refer to product brochure on website or speak with a Stylemaster new home consultant today.