Emerging trends for bathroom design in 2017

Once a primarily functional area to simply shower and go, the role of bathrooms in our homes has been redefined in recent times.  The awakening of a pronounced wellness ideology has had a transformative effect on both how we use and view these previously humble spaces. 

With an emphasis on relaxation and rejuvenation, the bathroom’s role is to cleanse in comfort and satisfy the senses in style. People are now spending more time than ever in their bathrooms and placing higher value on it as a place to prepare and recover from the pressures of the outside world – and this lifestyle trend is only set to rise.  So how do you achieve this new level of bathroom Zen?  Here are some of the Stylemaster’s design secrets for creating your own spa-like sanctuary at home.


Tile choice will make or break your bathroom’s appeal, user enjoyment, long-term durability and overall value.  Always select quality finishes with slip resistant flooring that will stand the test of time in this hardworking space.  Avoid using anything that requires excessive maintenance or simply won’t hold up over time as these will eventually look terrible and can be costly to replace.  A popular trend is to reinforce the substrate and use large format tiles or slabs in heavy materials like Caesarstone for wet areas as less grout equals easier cleaning.  Staggered and more patterned approaches to laying tiles are increasing in vogue and help to achieve a relaxed and less predictable grid format.  How tiles are installed can even alter the perceived shape and size of a space- making a narrow room appear wider or even a low ceiling feel higher.  If you are a fan of smaller tiles like mosaic, octagons, penny round tiles and other detailed features then look for smaller spaces like the vanity to include them where they are not as exposed to constant volumes of water.  As far as colours and textures go, neutral and soothing tones with the ever appealing greys, grieges, blacks and whites are still in demand with warmer hints creeping in. While natural materials like sealed stone, concrete and timber-look tiles add a welcome tactile contrast to the bathrooms’ predominately smooth surfaces.


Fixtures, fittings, basins and bath shapes, colour and style can go in and out of trend so invest in these with long-term consideration in mind.  And while sharp thin edged basins and baths have been experiencing popularity, in keeping with the new streamlined and holistic approach for bathroom design, there is currently a shift towards simple organic forms with clean lines and tapware that is almost sculptural and beautiful to touch.   Freestanding baths, where space permits, are always the winning option over built in.  While predicted for the next evolution in bathroom design is merging the layout of the bath with the main bedroom.  Formerly regarded as separate spaces, the demand for the escapist luxury hotel look has reintroduced a stunning feature freestanding bath as the must have item for creating the ‘suite’ effect.


Lighting design is key for achieving optimum practicality and still having the option for creating ambience.  A mixture of good energy efficient lighting along with low voltage lighting on dimmers will give you bright white lighting to prepare at the beginning of the day and warm calming dimmed light to unwind with in the evening.  Flexibility is paramount and everything from feature pendants, to niche lights, mirror mounted and under bench LEDs requires careful planning to successfully work alongside the traditional forms of task lighting.  Also plan your GPOs in accordance with your practical needs and consider concealing these where possible or matching the outlet covers to the surrounding materials.


Personalise for pleasure and decorate your bathroom with whatever feels like luxury to you.  That may be the addition of natural greenery, a comfortable seating area, or even indulging in some stunning and durable vinyl wallpaper or framed artwork.  Dream big, even a fabulous fireplace is not off limits if that is what it takes to bring a sense of calm to your life and daily routine.  But for those who favour an all-appealing approach with resale in mind, you can still achieve a strong sense of individuality through your use of coloured or patterned towels, storage containers, and your favourite decorative accessories to finish off the space.  A painted feature wall opposite the mirror can also add a personalised colour statement that you can update with ease as often as you please.


Stylemaster-Piazza30020549-WEBSoak in style, indulge your individually and create a bathroom that invites a sense of tranquillity to your everyday life. 

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