How to create an amazing master suite

Is your master suite looking a little tired?  Stylemaster Homes helps you go beyond the boring and say goodnight to uninspired bedrooms forever.  Here are our top designer’s secrets for creating the perfect sanctuary for rest, rejuvenation and romance.

Define your style

The best master bedrooms combine functionality, style and a little touch of glamour with all the comforts of everyday living.  In order to create a harmonious space, you need to establish a definite palette to build on. Identify your must haves or any elements of an existing room that you intend to keep, such as carpet and window treatments and consider all your other selections to best compliment these. Whether your concept is dark and sophisticated or bright and beautiful, create ambience by appealing to the senses – think sumptuous textures, muted colours, soft lighting and subtle aromas.   


Furniture layout

The right bed and furniture layout is extremely important – your four poster may have looked great in your last house but if it’s not in proportion to the room then it’s time to move it on.  Beds with soft upholstered headboards in either classic neutral tones or the currently on-trend jewel tones are popular options right now replacing the timber bedframes that have dominated in previous years. When selecting headboards consider scale and remember a high one will give your bed a sense of grandeur and act as the focal point.  For smaller masters, keep your mattress height low and opt for an ensemble base with a simple streamlined headboard to give the illusion of spaciousness.  And where you have the room, comfortable seating is always a welcome addition.  It may be a bench at the foot of the bed, a feature chair or even some well-placed outdoor furniture if your room opens to a balcony or courtyard. Ensure that you include adequate storage to keep your overall look clean and streamlined.  Try to avoid furnishing in front of windows and always keep walkways clear and flowing. 


Linens and layering

Luxurious linens, soft throws and decorative cushions in metallics, leather, faux fur, velvets or silks are definitely an investment in a good night’s sleep, as well as a quick and easy style boost.  When choosing linens try combining neutral colours and tactile textures with some feature cushions rather than purchasing all matching patterned sets.  This creates interest and achieves an individual look that allows you to add colour so you can update your style with the seasons.  Layering is definitely the key word when it comes to dressing your bedroom.  Up the ante by adding a beautiful textured rug under the bed or installing some sheer drapes to soften shutters or blinds.



Good lighting is essential for the creating ambience in your bedroom.  Turn it up for practical tasks and dim down to set the mood.  Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your bedside lighting – taller lamps look striking framing either side of the bed while the addition of pendants or wall sconces can really add some drama to your space.  Crystal, glass or even sculptural metals are popular choices for pendants but your options are almost endless as long as they help to enhance the overall style concept.  If you are designing a lighting for a new bedroom, think about adding dimmers to down lights, and gimbals for highlighting artwork.  Even simple additions like a two-way switch at side of the bed for the main light can make life that little bit more comfortable.  And remember to add a little candlelight where you can.

Walls and artwork

Your walls are the largest space in the room, but what you hang on them is as important as the colour you paint them.  Beautiful bedroom artwork must be soothing, enhancing to the atmosphere, and most importantly something you are happy to wake up to.  Remember to consider textures as well as colours and use your cushions or throw blankets to compliment.  For bedroom paint colours you can select something deeper and richer than you would use for the rest of your home.  Darker colours can be moody and sensual while soft neutral colours are calming and enhance the feeling of spaciousness.  Although colour is always a personal preference, try looking to the tones of your linens for inspiration.  Look beyond the brightest, lightest, or darkest colours for that subtle tone that ties everything in the room together.  Custom paneling, textured wall cladding or decorative wallpapers are also a fabulous way to add layers and interest to feature wall behind the bed or wrap around the entire room if you are feeling bold.


Finishing touches

With decoration in the bedroom less is definitely more – a few special pieces on a nightstand or a dresser will be far more effective than cluttering every surface.  A special framed photo, a book or two, a little greenery and perhaps a carafe of water are all perfect items for a well-stocked bedside.  And remember that trays are ideal for grouping objects together neatly.  Clear all collections and clutter to create the calm chilled out vibe of your favourite boutique hotel.

So with these basic guidelines in mind, you can begin decorating your master suite to reflect your own taste, mood, likes and dislikes.  Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping so make sure you enjoy the time you spend there.  Whatever your style, always aim to make your private space cozy, elegant and sophisticated.

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