Designer secrets for creating a teen retreat

Do you have a teen in your life who loves a little glamour?  A sports fan, environmentalist, music lover, extreme gamer?

Teen years are the time when that burgeoning pre adult personality emerges, and with it very specific likes, dislikes and opinions on many topics.  Bedrooms in particular rate high on that list.  So here are Stylemaster’s tips to save your sanity, design a zone that grows with your teen and create a stylish sanctuary that expresses their newfound individuality.

Gone are the cowboy sheets, the pirate curtains, anything with fairies, flowers or the once loved fluffy animals.  Your young teenagers are ready to claim their space in your home, impress their friends, and with these tips, decorate their bedroom in a style that can evolve through their transitional years and serve them through high school, university and beyond (for those who decide to stay on).


If you are building a new home, there are several options you can consider including for the future that will help your home grow with your family’s needs.  One of these is adding an ensuite or share bathroom access with an adjoining bedroom.  This is becoming a popular trend in home design that allows teens to have their own space and also frees up the main bathroom.


Another useful piece of advice for designing teen bedrooms is to provide maximum storage.  Where you have space, include a walk in robe and consider additional storage where ever possible such as pull out drawer systems under beds or seating.  We know teens are notorious for creating mess so why not give them the tools to organize it (or a place to hide it!).



Aside from sleeping, consider zones your teen will need for studying, hobbies and relaxing with friends.  Try to keep your space versatile so you have room to include a good size study desk with shelving and provisions for task lighting and technical requirements such as power, internet, etc.  Ideally try to position this near a window so that they can benefit from natural light and ventilation where possible.  Some comfortable seating for hanging out with friends and an area that caters to your teen’s interests (such as a painting easel or game station) will allow them to enjoy the independence that comes from engaging with their own space.



Invest in quality furniture items that will last through their teens and possibly be pieces they can take with them to their first home.  Upholstered headboards, sturdy bedside tables, and a desk with an ergonomic desk chair are all key pieces.  Large cork or message boards are a great option to protect walls whilst giving your teen a surface to decorate with posters, notes and personal items.  If it suits your style, chalkboards can be a fun way to create an engaging feature wall for the space.  Another option is a large frame with removable perspex so they can frame their favourite images (boys bands, sporting heroes etc) and change them as the years (weeks) go by.


Although a splash of well-chosen colour will go a long way to inject identity, it is worth noting that teens can be ‘over’ a feature colour before it has even dried or that last piece of wallpaper has been hung.  So it’s a good idea to keep rooms mostly neutral and allow personality, colour and texture to come from linens, decorative cushions, rugs, feature lighting and décor items.  These can be changed out fairly frequently without too much time or expense and your teen will likely enjoy and take pride in carefully selecting these items to suit their style.  Who knows… they might even let you come shopping with them!


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