Where fashion meets function – 5 tips for a fabulous walk in robe

We all want a dream robe where our clothes, shoes and accessories look amazing on display, choosing our outfits for all occasions is simple and stress free, and putting everything away after wearing and washing is a breeze.  Getting your design right means the difference between enjoying the luxury of your own mini boutique or creating complete clothing chaos!  So here are Stylemaster’s secrets for creating your stunning new walk in robe.

1. Conceal or reveal

Consider if you need to conceal or reveal your clothing?  A combination of both can work well depending on the space and your personal preference.  Generally speaking, clothing will vary in shape, style, colour and fabric type and can look a little messy if not grouped accordingly.  For spaces where your robe is designed as a pass through between your master and ensuite it can feel a bit more pulled together to incorporate an element of concealed cabinetry.  The same goes for whether you need to add a door option to your walk in robe entry or if you prefer to keep it a flowing extension of your master suite.

2. Storage design

Design your robe with a practical combination of double and full height hanging.  Think of your partner’s needs if sharing, as robe space is not always divided equally and their requirements may quite be different to your own.  Not everything will hang so ensure that you have enough drawers allocated and consider adding dividers as these are ideal to properly organize everything from socks and underwear to accessories.  Where space permits a bank of drawers in the middle of your robe as a freestanding unit will keep all these items neatly grouped together.  It also acts as a central focal point for the space and can be a perfect positon to add a special pendant light overhead or your favourite style of floral arrangement. And if you are up to the challenge of keeping your drawer contents tidy, adding glass fronts to your drawers adds sophistication and also saves time as it is much easier to find everything.Storage-WIR-web

3. Boutique style

We all love our bags and shoes so why not enjoy them like art?  Allocate a section of shelving and add backlit panels or led strip lighting to really show them off.  Remember overall good lighting in a robe is essential – you need to be able to tell your navy from your black.  Ensure that your shelving is designed to include different height sections to cater for larger items like boots or oversize bags.  You can even house them behind glass doors to protect your investments and keep them dust free.  It helps you see exactly when you own and whether you have space for more!   And speaking of art, a robe is a perfect spot to enjoy some fashion inspired art from your favourite high end boutique or vintage design era.


4. Mirror, mirror

Mirror front doors, full height or large decorative mirrors are extremely useful in a robe.  Not only do they make your space feel bigger, but they do the all-important task of helping you pull your look together from top to toe.  There are many great options available including those with built in LED lighting.  If there is space at one end of your robe you may wish to include a beauty station.  This is ideal for putting the finishing touches on your look and it is a great spot to keep your jewelry, sunglasses and other smaller accessories neatly stored and secure.

5. Seating space

Seating in a robe can be as basic as a small stool, or as luxurious as a designer chaise lounge.  But whatever you have space for or choose to include in your robe, always remember to position your seating close to your shoe storage as possible.  Built in seating is another popular option, particularly as drawer storage can be built in underneath.  There are some fabulous upholstered ottomans available now and these are also great options for casual soft seating in robes.


We promised you 5 tips but our bonus is to remember that true luxury is comfort.  That means having all your practical needs considered and catered for in advance.  So design your robe to forward plan for your everyday fashion emergencies.  From the downright essential, ensure items such as multiple thread colour mending kits (containing all those loose buttons that come with so many new clothing items), a good lint brush, scissors for removing tags on new items, and a shoe polish kit (again containing the spare heel covers that often come with a new pair of stilettos) are all within easy reach for those moments you absolutely need them.  If you space and budget allow, then why not add a pull out ironing board to give your garments a last minute press if required?  While considerations for a security safe or even provisions for a panic room are also possibilities for the ultimate designer walk in robes.


For more robe (envy!) inspiration visit a Stylemaster Homes display this weekend.  And to include everything on your dream robe wish list in your new home, speak with a Stylemaster new home consultant for further information and advice.