Solar for your new home – the only upgrade that pays for itself

Are you still recovering from the shock of your last electricity bill?

Well you’re not alone and likely to be amongst the many Queensland consumers looking for better ways to save on electricity and gain increased control over your family’s monthly household costs both now and for the future.   Building a new home is the ideal opportunity to build a smart home that’s more economical to run – that’s why you can enjoy the Stylemaster difference with our standard 2.1 kw solar system inclusion as standard. However, with so many different options available, what is an ideal system to implement, how is it best managed to maximise the cost saving benefits, and what do the long term savings really look like?

But before we explore these points let’s review the state of our current electricity market.

Responding to a spike in power charges for east coast consumers, the Federal Government has just announced that they have given the ACCC power to demand information from electricity providers, putting current retail pricing under the microscope. Amongst a host of issues, this in-depth analysis is primarily intended to investigate whether margins and profits of power retailers are in line with costs and risks, and if there is evidence of anti-competitive behaviour or collusion within the industry.

No wonder we can’t pinpoint exactly why our power bills are so high – even the Government is asking the same question!

If you do your homework, you’ll discover there are several cost saving measures you can implement around your home in hope of achieving small accumulative reductions in your power expenses. But switching to energy saving bulbs, running your washing machine on cold in the evenings, and insulating your roof stand little chance on their own against the uncertain cost of keeping the lights on both now and in years to come.


So living in tropical Queensland where sunlight is in abundance for most of the year, why not produce your own solar energy, reduce the amount of power you need to buy from the grid and make real savings?

When you build a new home with Stylemaster, your home already comes with 8 solar panels (2.1 kw system) with high efficiency and strong warranty support from the manufacturer (that’s included as part of your 7-year builder’s warranty) as standard. These energy systems are all installed by Stoddart Group who have been established in Australia for over 50 years. You also have the option to customise your solar requirements and for under $2K upgrade to receive a total of 20 panels (5.4 kw system). This small investment gives you considerable savings on your bills, notably reduces your carbon footprint and even carries a projection estimate of approximately 2.2 years until your solar upgrade has paid for itself.

But while it’s one thing to harness the power of the sun, how can you be sure how much energy is being generated Vs your household output? If only you could conveniently access this information as it was happening?   Well you can.

Another option for controlling your power cost savings is to implement tracking software. This allows you 24hr monitoring of your real time energy use through your smart phone, tablet or computer. The Enphase software offered by Stylemaster, allows you to see the energy being produced on your roof as well as the energy being used throughout your home, and you can view it in real time as easily as picking up your phone. For those who opt to have home batteries installed you can also monitor their state of charge throughout the day. Another advantage of this software upgrade is that you are ‘battery ready’ for the future.

You don’t even have to be tech-savvy to understand how to monitor your data as support is at hand and included within the $895 tracking software and battery ready package (in addition to the 5.4 kw system upgrade). Once you advise you have the internet connected, a solar technician visits your home to set up the software and show you how to use it.

And finally for those who wish to store and fully utilise the maximum power generated by the solar panels, you can harness that energy in battery form. However, unlike the already established panel and tracking systems, the newer concept of the batteries themselves is being rapidly embraced by household’s world over, leading to improved technology and guaranteed reductions in the costs moving forward. For anyone who wants to add batteries during the build there are a range of options and pricing to consider. But it is recommended that you start small and add more later as you become better aware of your actual energy needs and able to utilise the cost savings as battery prices come down in the future.

For more information about solar systems for your new home speak with your new home consultant today.

*All upgrades are for a limited time only.