Wake up your Bedroom

Stylemaster Modena 403108

Modena 40 Primo | On display at Warner Lakes


The best master bedrooms combine function, style and a little touch of glamour with all the comforts of everyday living. At Stylemaster Homes, we specialise in creating unique and enticing bedrooms for our display homes and we’re sharing our top design secrets so you can create your own dream retreat at home.


Piazza Display Home

Piazza 42 Primo | On display at Springfield Lakes


Getting started
In order to achieve a harmonious end result you need to establish a definite palette to build on. Identify the elements of the room that you intend to keep, such as carpet and window treatments and make all your other selections based on these. Create ambience by appealing to the senses – think sumptuous textures, muted colours, soft lighting and subtle aromas.



Linens and Layering
High thread count linens, layered bedding, soft throws and decorative cushions are definitely an investment in a good night’s sleep, as well as a quick and easy style boost. When choosing linens try combining neutral colours and textures with some feature cushions rather than purchasing all matching patterned sets. This creates interest and achieves an individual look that allows you to add colour so you can update your style with the seasons. Layering is definitely the key word when it comes to dressing your bedroom, you can introduce even more layers by adding a beautiful textured rug under the bed or installing some sheer drapes to soften shutters or venetian blinds.


Scenic Rd_074_hires

Custom design by Stylemaster Homes


With decoration in the bedroom less is definitely more – a few special pieces on a nightstand or a dresser will be far more effective than cluttering every surface. Many precious objects that end up in a bedroom can find a better home in other rooms. Do not use the bedroom to feature photos of family, friends or pets. A small beautifully framed picture of you and your partner will remind you of special times.



Lakeview 35 BP Primo | On display at Pelican Waters


Furniture Layout
The right bed and furniture layout is extremely important – your four poster may have looked great in your last house but if it’s not in proportion to the room then it’s time to move it on. Sleek timber tones or soft upholstery are popular options right now; if your space is limited then you may want to consider keeping your mattress height low opting for an ensemble base with a simple headboard. Try to avoid furnishing in front of windows and always keep walkways clear and flowing. Where you have the space, comfortable seating is a welcome addition but it doesn’t always have to be inside. If you have a balcony or doors that open externally then consider using screens or planting to create some privacy – even if you only use it occasionally to read a good book or enjoy a glass of wine.


Nth Lakes Dec13_101_web

Milan 33 Tempo | On display at North Lakes


Good lighting is essential to your bedroom. Turn it up for practical tasks and dim down to set the mood. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your bedside lamps – taller lamps look very striking framing either side of the bed. Select a colour or texture complementing the tones of your linens and remember to add a little bit of candle light where you can. If you are designing a lighting concept for a new bedroom, think about adding dimmers to down lights, and gimbals for highlighting artwork. Even simple additions like a two way switch at side of the bed for the main light can make life that little bit more comfortable.


Display Home Fitzgibbon Chase Stylemaster

Sienna 34 Primo | On display at Fitzgibbon Chase


Walls and Artwork
Your walls are the largest space in the room, but what you hang on them is as important as the colour you paint them. Beautiful bedroom artwork must be soothing, enhancing to the atmosphere, and most importantly something you are happy to wake up to. Remember to consider textures as well as colours and use your cushions or throw blankets to complement.

For bedroom paint colours you can select something deeper and richer than you would use for the rest of your home. Darker colours can be moody and sensual while neutral colours are calming and enhance the feeling of spaciousness. Although colour is always a personal preference, try looking to the tones of your linens for inspiration.

Look beyond the brightest, lightest, or darkest colours for that subtle tone that ties everything in the room together. Simple textured wallpapers are also a fashionable way to add accent colour and softness to a feature wall behind the bed.
So with these basic guidelines in mind, you can begin decorating your master suite to reflect your own taste, mood, likes and dislikes. Whatever your style, always aim to make your private space cozy, elegant and sophisticated.